Borderlines XVI – Site & Sound

Queen’s University, Belfast

20th-22nd April 2012

Borderlines XV – Living on the Edge: Inspiration, Imagination, Vision

University College Cork

15th-17th April 2011

Borderlines XIV – Codices & Codification

Queen’s University Belfast

9th-11th April 2010

Borderlines XIII – Building Breaches: The Negotiation of Boundary in Medieval Culture

Trinity College Dublin & University College Dublin

19th-21st March 2009

Borderlines XII – Past Structures, Present Constructs

University College Cork

7th-9th April 2008

Borderlines XI – Minds & Mentalities

Queen’s University Belfast

13th-15th April 2007

Borderlines X – Between the Lines

National University of Ireland Galway

6th-8th April 2006

Borderlines IX – (Re)Interpretation

University College Dublin

7th-9th April 2005

Borderlines VIII – Performance

Queen’s University Belfast

16th-18th April 2004

Borderlines VII – Borderlines

University College Cork

8th-10th April 2003

Borderlines VI – Gossip & Graffiti: Unofficial Discourses in the Middle Ages

Trinity College Dublin

30th March-1st April 2002

Borderlines V –

University College Cork


Borderlines IV – Visions of the Medieval World

University College Dublin

24th-26th April 2000

Borderlines III –



Borderlines II

Queen’s University Belfast



Queen’s University Belfast



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