Borderlines VII

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Borderlines VII – Borderlines
University College Cork
8th-10th April 2003


Tuesday 8th April

(Venue: ORB 123, O’ Rahilly Building)

12.00 – 1.30: Registration

1.30 – 2.30: Lunch

2.30 – 2.50: Welcome

2.50 – 3.40: Session 1.1

Medieval English Literature

(Chair: Ken Rooney, University College Cork)

Ryan Perry (Queen’s University Belfast)
Handlyng Synne and the Spiritual Economy’

Lorraine Taylor (Queen’s University Belfast)
‘The Old English Bede Texts – Negotiating the Interface’

3.40 – 4.10: Coffee

4.10 – 5.20: Session 1.2

Liturgy, Theology, and Society

(Chair: Carrie Griffin, University College Cork)

Anna Parsons (University of Exeter)
‘The Liturgical Practice of the Augustinian Canons of Medieval Yorkshire’

Allan Westphall
‘”Spreding the Foure Tablis”: Between Orthodoxy and Dissent in Reginald Peacock’s Vernacular Theology’

Ossi Kokkonen (University College Cork)
‘The Borders of External Bourgeoisie in Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-Century Germany and Switzerland’

5.20 – 6.30: Dinner

6.20 – 7.30: Plenary
(Chair: Donnchadh Ó Corraín)

‘How To Make Your Documents Last Longer Than 10 Minutes’

Peter Flynn (University College Cork)


Wednesday 9th April

(Venue: ORB 123, O’ Rahilly Building)

9.30 – 10.40: Session 2.1

Example, Trespass, and Penitence

(Chair: Dr. Ann Mulhall, University College Cork)

Alex West (University of Bristol)
‘Saints and Sodomites: Literary and Theological Depictions of Sexual Aggression Towards Men and Women in the Middle Ages’

Philip A. Bernhardt-House (University College Cork)
”Act of Truth’ or ‘Virtue of Humility’?: An Exegesis of a Middle Irish Story in LL ll. 35670-35710)

Raymond Cummings (Queen’s University Belfast)
‘Anxieties of the Writer’s Mind: The Demon of Noontide and the Borderlines of the Fabulous and the Religious in Medieval Literature’

10.40 – 11.10: Coffee

11.10 – 12.20: Session 2.2


(Chair: Julianne Nyhan, University College Cork)

Ben Hazard (University College Cork)
‘The Learned Uí Maoil Chonaire and their Manuscript Legacy’

Katja Ritari (University College Cork)
‘The Borders of Heaven and Earth in Adomnán’s Vita Columbae

Ilya Kovalev (Moscow State University)
‘The Werewolf Story in the Topographia Hibernica: At the Intersection of Traditions’

12.20 -1.40: Lunch

1.30 – 2.20: Session 2.3

New Methodologies

(Chair: Harriet Thomsett, University College Cork)

Julianne Nyhan and Carrie Griffin (University College Cork)
‘Transcending Textual Borders?: Digitising an Unedited Middle English Lunary from British Library Egerton MS 827′

Orla Murphy (University College Cork)
‘An Application of Emerging Technologies in Humanities Research: Using Laser Scans to Read Inscriptions’

2.20 – 2.40: Short Break

2.40 – 3.50: Session 2.4

The Boundaries of Devotion

Tereli Askwith (University of Wales Swansea)
‘Aelfric’s Saint’s Lives: The Borderlines of Sanctity’

Tony Bardsley (University College Cork)
‘Mentally Mapping Rome: Imitating the Roman Stational System in Anglo-Saxon England’

Juliana Dresvina (Moscow State University / University of Oxford)
‘Blurring Borders Between Two Medieval Saints: St. John of Beverley and St. John of Bridlington’

3.50 – 4.10: Coffee

4.20 – 5.30: Session 2.5

The Renaissance Border

(Chair: Ruth Connolly, University College Cork)

Anita Howard (University College Cork)
‘A Guide to the Unfortunate Traveller?: The Emerging Voice in Two Picaresque Narratives of Early-Modern England and Spain

Brian Gourley (Queen’s University Belfast)
‘”They have here begonne their pestilent sedes to sowe”: The Anti-Anabaptist Rhetoric of Kyng Johan in Bale’s Misreading of History’

David Coleman (Queen’s University Belfast)
‘Sacramentality and the Limits of Chronological Classification’

8.00: Conference Dinner

Curran’s Restaurant

Adelaide Street, Cork


Thursday 10th April

(Venue: ORB 123, O’ Rahilly Building)

10.00 – 11.00: Session 3.1

Romance and Storytelling

Chair: Dr Matthew Woodcock, University College Cork)

Jessica Quinlan (U. Würzburg)
‘The Depiction of Reading in Ulrich von Zatzikhoven’s Lanzelet’

Danielle Gurevitch (Bar-Ilan University, Ramat- Gan)
‘Crossing the Borders of Life, Death, and Immortality: The Impossible Relationship Between Morgan le Fay and King Arthur’

Harriet Thomsett (University College Cork)
‘Breudwyt Rhonabwy: A New Kind of Welsh Story’

11.10 – 11.40: Coffee

11.40 – 12.40: Session 3.2

Objects, Contexts and Last Things

(Chair: Tony Bardsley, University College Cork)

Bethany Bateup (Queen’s University Belfast)
‘If the Lia Fail Could Really Speak, What Narrative Would It Tell?’

Juliet Hewish (University College Dublin)
‘Homily and Hagiography: The Manuscript Context’

Ken Rooney (University College Cork)
‘The Form of Death in the Poetry of Henryson and Skelton’

12.50 – 2.00: Lunch

2.00 – 2.30: Symposium and Closing Remarks

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