Borderlines IX

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Borderlines IX – (Re)Interpretation
University College Dublin
7th-9th April 2005


Thursday 7th April

2.00 – 3.30: Registration (Venue: Humanities Institute of Ireland)

4.00 – 5.00: Plenary Session (Venue: J208, Arts Block)

‘The Land of Cokaygne: The Origins of Hiberno-English’

Professor T. P. Dolan (University College Dublin)

5.00 – 5.15: Tea & Coffee

5.15 – 6.50: Session 1 (Venue: J208, Arts Block)

(Sponsored by the Mícheál Ó Clérigh Institute for the Study of Irish History and Civilisation)

Reinterpreting Ireland

J. Bisagni (National University of Ireland Galway)
‘Towards a Date for the Amrae Coluimb Chille’

S. Condron (University College Dublin)
‘Marsh’s Library: Interpreting Julian of Norwich in Eighteenth-Century Ireland’

K. Fitzgerald (University College Dublin)
‘”I Can See Nothing Wrong With Your Ears’: Labraid Loingsech and Saint Brigid’

B. Gourley (Queen’s University Belfast)
‘The Reformation Politics of Reading Ireland in The Vocacyon of Johan Bale to the Bishoprick of Ossory’

7.00: Reception (Venue: Staff Common Room, Arts Block)


Friday 8th April

Venue: Humanities Institute of Ireland

10.00 – 11.15: Session 2

Transgression and Migration

B. Bateup (Queen’s University Belfast)
‘In Pursuit of the Brut: Trade, Texts and Spatial Identity in 16th Century London’

D. McGinley (Trinity College Dublin)
‘Reason and Authority in William of Ockham’s Theory of Heresy’

C. Kostick (Trinity College Dublin)
‘Reinterpreting the Youth – Iuvenes in Robert the Monk and Albert of Aachen’

11.15 – 11.30: Tea & Coffee

11.30 – 12.45: Session 3

New Lands New People

S. David
‘Interpreting and Reinterpreting the Mongols: William of Rubruck, Roger Bacon and the Opus Majus’

I. Gonzalez Becerra
‘Reading The Fyrst Booke of the Introduction of Knowledge

R. A. De Faoite
‘Latin Names for Messengers in Late 6th Century Gaul’

12.45 – 1.45pm: Lunch

1.45 – 3.00: Session 4

New Audiences

A. Westphall (Aarhus University)
‘The Anxiety of Translation and Reinterpretation in the Middle English The Chastising of God’s Children

L. Taylor (Queen’s University Belfast)
”O’ and Behold: (Re)Interpreting the Evidence for Reading in Old English Bede Manuscript MS. ‘O’ (Oxford, Corpus Christi, MS 279pt.ii)’

M. O’Rourke (University College Dublin)
‘Spurs: Chaucer’s Styles / Eperons: Les Styles de Chaucer’

3.00 – 3.30: Tea & Coffee

7.00: Conference Dinner

Boccacio’s, Dame Street, Dublin


Saturday 9th April

Venue: Humanities Institute of Ireland

10.30 – 12.05: Session 5 

Reinterpreting the North

F. Leneghan (Trinity College Dublin)
Beowulf and the Dynasties of the North’

J. Hewish (University College Dublin)
‘”No Man Is an Island”: Reinterpreting St. Martin’s Monasticism in Medieval Iceland’

12.05 – 12.20: Tea & Coffee

12.20 – 1.00: Session 6

Round Table Discussion

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