Getting to Dublin and Trinity College Dublin from Dublin Airport

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Getting from Dublin airport to Dublin and Trinity College Dublin is very easy thanks to a great service called Aircoach. Aircoach is reasonably priced, almost always on-time (which is a big deal for Dublin), it is comfortable, they help you with your luggage, tell you where your stop is, and they have WiFi on board.

When you are leaving the terminal, follow the signs towards coaches. At Terminal 1, go outside and look to your left. You will see large blue buses that say “Aircoach” on them and a ticket desk. For Terminal 2, cross over the road in the pedestrian walkway and proceed down the escalator to your left. At the bottom of the escalator, you will see the Aircoach ticket desk.

For city centre hotels, the Aircoach stops are usually O’Connell Street or Trinity College. Some hotels may be closer to Merrion Square or Leeson Street, and in that case, it is best to ask your hotel which Aircoach stop you should get off at.

Simply tell the salesperson what stop you will be going to and they will tell you which coach to take. Most of the coaches pass through city centre, so you should not have to wait long if you are heading to O’Connell Street or to Trinity College. The fare is 7 euro one way, 9 euro for some stops that are farther afield.

The coach driver will then ask you where you are headed and will announce the stop.

For more information, please visit

If you prefer to travel by taxi, there will be signs directing you once you reach the airport terminal. However, travelling by taxi is quite expensive in Dublin! If you are travelling before 8 a.m. they will charge you the “night” rate. Then, each additional person is one euro. And baggage costs extra as well. A taxi journey to the city centre can easy cost 40 euro.

Dublin Bus also runs an airport service called “AirLink” (route 747). The fare is one euro cheaper than the Aircoach, but it is just a city bus, meaning, in addition to having no luggage compartment underneath, it also tends to run late, have unhelpful drivers, and be less than comfortable. It will get to you where you need to go, however, if there is a problem with the Aircoach.

A couple of regular Dublin Bus routes also run from the airport, the 16 and the 41 being the most common. This is by far the cheapest option, but may take a while!
For more information, please visit the Dublin Bus website.

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